Where focused instruction meets social engagement.

Multi-sensory learning strategies provide students with stronger memories to reach a more complete understanding.

Tailored one-to-one personalized instruction for every student.

Mindful Movement and Arts are provided to enhance focus, memory, and reduce stress and anxiety.

Nurturing Inspires Learning

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Building Confidence

To build confidence, Atlanta Prep focuses on what students are good at so they feel supported and cared for.

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Creative Expressions

Atlant Prep offers yoga as a means of physical education & art to reach the creative child. Yoga presents physical & psychological benefits for children.

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Fresh Start

Every day is a new opportunity. We build on yesterday’s success and put the failures behind us.

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Multi-Sensory Learning Strategies

When appealing to multiple senses, brain function is enhanced and cognitive development is increased.

Why Atlanta Prep


Personalized Education

We partner with parents to customize each student’s education or tutoring plan, while carefully matching your child with the most caring Teachers and Instructors.

Small Group Instruction

Atlanta Prep provides focused instruction and social engagement through small group learning for Science, Social Studies, Yoga & Arts.

Value Based Education

We are united in the belief that all children must have self esteem, necessary resources, and a nurturing environment in order to succeed.

Social Emotional Learning

Many children have a difficult time recognizing and regulating their emotions. This makes it difficult for children to have social awareness and to make responsible decisions. Social-Emotional Learning helps children develop an awareness of emotions and build social relationships.


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Atlanta Prep serves students who have been professionally identified as having Autism Spectrum Disorder, (ASD), Dyslexia, Aspergers, ADD/ADHD, and other specific learning disabilities.