Admissions Process

School for Special Needs Children

Admissions Process for Full Time Students


Atlanta Prep wants to ensure success and happiness for each student enrolled into our program. Atlanta Prep administration thoroughly reviews each applicant’s school history, records, diagnostic evaluations, and any other pertinent documentation provided before being enrolled into Atlanta Prep.

We are currently enrolling students for grades K-8 at our Dunwoody Campus. We will guide you throughout this process to make sure the highest level of success will be attainable for you and your child. Below is a list of the Admissions Process steps that are to be followed by each applicant. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Step 1: Request a Campus Visit


A campus tour allows you and your student to view our campus, seeing our set up. Given the current situation with COVID-19, tours are not conducted while the building is occupied with other students.

Step 2: Records Review


This step is completed internally by our administration to determine if Atlanta Prep is the correct fit for the prospective student to ensure we can meet the goals of the student and have him/her succeed within our campus and program. This is also the step in which the prospective family would complete our enrollment and registration packet for the student.

Step 3: Admissions Meeting


Once the previous steps are complete, the administration will have one last meeting with the student and/or family to review paperwork and finalize enrollment into Atlanta Prep. This step includes; selecting all goals, determining a schedule, choosing a start date, and finalizing tuition.

Step 4: Start Date


What an exciting day! The start date is the day your child is welcomed to our family! On this day, students are introduced to teachers and all other students. Your child will be introduced to his/her schedule as well as Atlanta Prep routines and procedures. Additionally, this is the day your child can decorate his/her work space, making it their own.