Feedback From Our Families

Prep schools in Atlanta
All three of our children were diagnosed with Autism and ADHD last year and we had no idea where to get the individualized help they needed to be successful in school. We were referred to Atlanta Prep by our children’s psychologist and we are so glad we are here! Our kids have made tremendous strides in just a few short months. We’ve struggled for two years to help our daughter learn her letters, let alone to read and now she is reading sight words! Our boys are growing in leaps and bounds, they were behind grade in every subject and have been making great progress catching up to where they need to be. We are very excited and proud of our children’s academic achievements and so thankful for the wonderful teachers and staff at Atlanta Prep that have made this possible.
Every parent with a special needs child, has a wide array of emotions after receiving their child’s diagnosis. One of the first instincts I had when we got confirmation that our son was autistic, was to find a school that would better cater to his needs. If you know anything about autism, you’ll know that breaking routines can be very difficult for a child, so we literally took a leap of faith removing him from the school environment he once knew, to try Atlanta Prep instead. I would say that it was a great experience from day one, but truthfully, it began before our son’s first day. The wonderful headmaster, Rena, invited our son to spend some time at the school with a few visits so that a comfort level could be established before we even decided to make that move. It was this nurturing care and mindfulness that really made us feel confident with the school choice. It has only been a few months and we are very happy with our time at Atlanta Prep. I can see a new sense of confidence in my son, and I also notice an improvement in his communication because of the one on one learning style. We love the creative learning activities that keeps our son excited for school, and also the family-like nature of the staff. Our son literally says “ let’s go to school! “ in the mornings and we know it’s because he truly enjoys this learning environment. We are so grateful to find this school that adapts to our challenges while magnifying our child’s strengths.
Sandra Joseph
Jacob (7) started at Atlanta Prep in the summer of 2023, beginning with camp before continuing into the school year. Since his first day, we have been impressed by the amazing teachers, staff, and therapists/KISS ABA team for their unwavering commitment to improving Jacob’s social and academic experiences; we know he’s in the right place. We are grateful for the opportunities provided to Jacob by Atlanta Prep, and look forward to continuing our journey with them next year!
This is our son’s first year at Atlanta Prep, and we continue to be impressed with its program, its staff, and its purpose, on a daily basis.  Our son spent a year in public school, but we realized that the public school environment and limited resources could not provide the structure and attention that our son needed to succeed academically and socially. We looked at several other private schools, but many had student populations with needs much more severe than our son’s or were focused on only the highest functioning neurodiverse students. Our son is the “in between,” and our goal for him was to be somewhere where he would not be lost in the herd, but also where he would be challenged by the environment and could learn from the other students, in addition to the staff.  We also wanted a patient, caring, and safe environment where he could be himself, and we could feel comfortable that he would be appreciated for who he is and that his needs would be met. We consider ourselves so lucky to have found Atlanta Prep. Atlanta Prep is that safe, encouraging, supportive school for us. It also is an added bonus that he is now able to get most of his therapy services during the school day, including services not offered through the public school system or at many other private schools. Before Atlanta Prep, I would hold my breath every day waiting to hear how my son’s school day went or was left wondering if he was falling through the cracks. Now that he is at Atlanta Prep he is excited to go to school everyday and we are excited to hear about his day.
Marcia Ganz