The Silver Lining in Virtual Learning During a Pandemic

Meet Maizie, Julia, Kari, and Samantha. They are all part of a Learning Pod. Their Pod Facilitator arrives at 7:45 a.m. and provides them support throughout the entire school day. While desiring to return to school face-to-face, they are enjoying their Pod. During live lessons, the girls wear their headphones. Afterwards, they complete their assignments often giggling through them and putting their headphones back on for the next live lesson. They have lunch together and as kids do, they “trade” their food items. During recess, they go outside to run around and play, swing, or even play a board game with the Pod Facilitator. While it isn’t “normal” school, it’s the current normal and these girls are enjoying the camaraderie.

Meet Rain. She is a 6th grader who is an independent, straight A student. Prepandemic, she and her mom would rush out the door for school grabbing breakfast on the go, usually a bar of some sort. Now, Rain enjoys “a real breakfast” before she starts her school day. Then, at 8:50 a.m., she goes to her bedroom, shuts the door, and opens her laptop to login for her first period. Occasionally, she emerges from her room between classes to grab a snack or just chat with her mom. They often even get to enjoy lunch together. Rain has maintained straight A’s with virtual learning. While it isn’t “normal” school, it’s the current normal and Rain is enjoying the “real breakfast” and additional time with her family.

Meet Rihann. She is a 5th grade student who struggled academically. She suffers from ADHD and the many distractions in a classroom affect her ability to focus. Her mom was very concerned when Rihann’s school shifted to virtual learning, “She is already struggling academically.” Rihann’s mom secured a Virtual Learning Facilitator to work with her. The Facilitator arrives at 8:30 a.m. and sits with Rihann through all her virtual classes. If there is something she does not understand, her Facilitator reteaches and provides additional practice until she is successful. Rihann is thriving with virtual learning! She does not have the distractions of a classroom setting and is receiving one-to-one support. While it isn’t “normal” school, it’s the current normal and Rihann is cashing in academically!

See, there are a few silver linings to virtual learning during a pandemic.

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