I recently had the opportunity to sit with one of our 6th grade students to assess how he feels about one-to-one and small group instruction at Atlanta Prep. Here’s what he said.


What do you like about one-to-one learning at Atlanta Prep?

  • I like it because it’s not stressful…and it’s hard to get distracted… oh, and it feels easier.

What do you like about small group learning?

  • I feel comfortable making friends because
  • the group is small, and I feel comfortable participating in class.
Cooperative Learning in Small

How do you think the one-to-one and small group learning at Atlanta Prep has made a difference for you?

  • I feel like, at least for me, it helps me learn more than if I were in a “normal” classroom. And in the beginning, it basically helped me learn how to talk to people.
One-to-one Instruction

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