Choosing between a public and private school is a challenging decision. There are pros and cons to each option, and it’s important to consider the individual needs of your child when doing so. Let’s take a look at one vital reason to choose Atlanta Prep, a private school in Atlanta, GA!

Take Advantage of Small Class Sizes at Atlanta Prep

Every parent wants their children to receive individualized attention from teachers and not get lost in large classes. Atlanta Prep offers individualized instruction and small class sizes at our private school in Metro Atlanta. T

Benefits of a Small Class Size

The average size for an Atlanta public elementary classroom is 19 children per teacher! The average class size for an Atlanta public middle school is 26 students per teacher! This is not an ideal learning environment. All students at Atlanta Prep receive Science, Social Studies, Mindful Movement, and Art instruction within a class size of 6 or less. Smaller class sizes benefit students in many ways, including:

  • Every Student is Known- In a smaller class, each student is known and receives the attention he/she needs from their teachers. Teachers are able to meet individual student learning styles and goals.
  • Enhanced Learning- Students learn more and faster in smaller class sizes. They feel more confident participating in discussions; therefore, students ask and answer questions and share opinions. This process engages learners and allows for a better understanding of the topic.
  • The Classroom is a Community- Students in smaller class sizes are able to connect more closely with their peers. In a smaller setting, students are more comfortable and confident and can freely share their views and ideas with others, engaging them in the learning process.
  • More Opportunities to Participate- In a larger class size, many students are not comfortable speaking. In a smaller class setting, there are fewer voices, and each has the opportunity to speak and participate in discussions. Even students who are less vocal can share with the group in smaller settings.
  • Focus on Learning Styles- Since the way someone best understands information can be a deciding factor in their academic success, understanding and teaching to their learning style is essential. Meeting individual students’ learning styles in a large classroom setting is nearly impossible. With small groups, teachers are able to cater to various learning styles and ensures each student remains engaged and understands the material. Teachers are able to customize their instruction and guidance. Every student matters.
  • The Importance of Feedback- In a smaller class, teachers are able to individualize their feedback to make sure every student understands and gets all the support he or she needs.

Small Class Sizes at Atlanta Prep

Atlanta Prep serves students in small class sizes of 6 or less for Science, Social Studies, Mindful Movement, and Art. Students receive personalized one-to-one instruction for ELA and Math. Provide your child with individualized attention and a sound education at Atlanta Prep, a private school in Atlanta.

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